7.5 kva Generator

7.5 kva Generator Price List in India

The generators of 7.5 kVA are available in small sizes that can be easily shifted from one place to another place. The powerful engine of a 7.5 kVA generator is capable of producing high power output. The generator comes with different brand names such as Koel, Honda, Greaves, etc. This size of the generator can be used for small businesses and home appliances.

The generators provide clean and reliable energy. Easy operation, integrated safety functions and a brilliant build fine make these generators the ideal running associate for creative professionals, regardless of the activity web page or mission in-hand.

7.5 kVA generator Price list:

  1. Diesel Generator specification 
Diesel generator Price33,000 approx
Fuel typediesel
Output TypeAC single phase
Power7.5 kVA
Cooling systemWater Cooling
Rated voltage240 V
InsulationClass B
House power12 HP
Alternator Frequency50 Hz
Alternator speed1500 RPM

  1. Honda Genset specification
Honda generator Price1.15 Lakh/ set approx
Fuel typediesel
Output TypeAC single-phase, three-phase
Power7.5 kVA
Cooling systemAir Cooling
Rated voltage240 V
Noise level120 dB
Alternator Frequency50 Hz
Bore x Stroke92*75mm

 Eicher 7.5kVA generator price and specification

Eicher Genset Price Approx. 1.45 lakh
Fuel typeDiesel
Output TypeAC three-phase
Cooling systemWater Cooling
Voltage380-440 V

Specification of Greaves Genset

Greaves Genset PriceApprox 1.9 Lakh
Genset ratingPrime Power
Power7.5 kVA
Bore and Stroke92* 92mm
Compression ratio181
Rated RPM3000
Genset Output7.5 / 6 (kVA/kW)
Engine typeWater-cooled
No. of Cylinders1

Features and benefits of 7.5 kVA generator:

 The 7.5 kVA generator falls under the category of small generators. But it comes with many specialties:

  • Remote monitoring features to operate the generator.
  • The Lowest maintenance cost
  • To provide clean, reliable & efficient energy
  • 7.5 kVA generators are in the three-phase and Single phase.
  • Rugged & robust design of the Genset
  • 7.5 kVA gensets provide excessive performance.
  • engine of 7.5kVA DG Sets are more fuel-efficient 
  • The gensets have compact designs.

The important point to keep in mind before hiring a Genset on rent :

Renting the generator that you need means instant access to the electricity that can keep your site. You’ll get the exact product you want because you’ll have a team of professionals that will help you make that assessment and match one among many top-tier options in your needs. There’s no new financing legwork, coverage or warranties to purchase. The best part of all? When your work is done, you get to return the generator, and you’re no longer out a large fee to repair a transient problem.

  • Before taking a generator on rent usually get sure the generator has been high-quality examined with a load bank for correct tactics prior to shipment.
  • The 7.5 KVA generators have to be washed, smooth and visually tested. Rental clients have a tendency to need religion in a generator machine that appears unheard for.
  • The generator is to be nicely maintained and all fluids and filters have to be in the right position. The continuous each day service is generally the responsibility of the clients however the rental organization should ensure that the obligation is established upon and understood.
  • Check the carbon monoxide production level of the generator. Always perform generators exterior and far from buildings, homes.
  • To hire a generator You should choose a reliable dealer for having the best deal.
  • Make sure the supplier provides all the proper add-ons to use the generator safely.


Generators are used as backup power sources that can convert fuel supply. Different types of fuel Such as diesel, petro, gasoline, etc can be used to produce electricity.  With less fuel consumption they provide uninterrupted power supply at an affordable price. In India there are different brands available that provide 7.5 kVA generators at different prices, where you can choose the generator according to your choice and need. For knowing more about the price of generators you can visit EO Energy website.

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