A trek to Tadiandamol

A trek to Tadiandamol: Hikers Joined together 

I decided to trek again, and this time chose to do it solo. In the wake of looking at a lot of trekking choices in South India, I concentrated on the Tadiandamol inclines in the Coorg area. 

About Tadiandamol Trek- 

Tadiandamol moreover spelled Tadiandamol is the tallest top in the Kodagu or Coorg district in Karnataka. The difficulty level of Tadiandamol trek is arranged as ‘moderate,’ and it might be done as a week’s end trek starting from Bangalore. I had scrutinized online that it is possible to camp at the apex or the base of the plant. Thus, I had gotten a tent and tangle for rent and passed on them close to me. 

The nearest town for this trek is Virajpet in the Coorg region. The total trek detachment single heading is 8 km and should be conceivable in 4-5 hours. Since it was instantly in the day, and I might not want to end up showing up at the zenith straightforwardly around early evening, I decided to visit Talacauvery – the inception of the stream Cauvery. You can see the full list here! 

Things To know – 

In a little while, I showed up at the private vehicle station in Virajpet, just around a 5 minutes walk around the essential vehicle stand. From here, transports are embarking to a town called Napoklu – which is mid-way among Virajpet and Talacauvery. The primary bearer for the day starts at 6.50 am, and I was soon on this vehicle progressing towards Talacauvery. I gave careful thought to this bus stop. 

The conductor dropped me at a crossing point called Nelaji from where he said the vehicle to Bhagamandala would land in a brief timeframe. Bhagamandala is a little asylum town at the base of the Talacauvery slants, and it is not hard to find transportation to Talacauvery from this town. Reliable with his words.

Exercises in Tadiandamol 

In the rankling morning sun, Talacauvery still looked excellent. After by and large visiting the blessed spots of the stream goddess and Shiva at the asylum, I sat on a diversion place seat there and took in the incredible points of view on the valley underneath. Having invested practically no effort there, I came back to Bhagamandala in a comparative auto-rickshaw and arranged for my forward excursion. The time was around 11 am, and I was anxious. Along these lines, I gobbled up a few dosas in the near to housing and got a few water bottles for my trek. After a short time, I loaded up a vehicle back to Napoklu and got dropped off at the present moment. A hold up of an extra 10 minutes and I got the traffic going towards Virajpet and got down at the Aramane (mansion) transport keep from where the trek was to begin. 

The first 4 km of this trek is a walk around a surfaced road – even though it bit by bit keeps getting a rise. Vehicles propped up everywhere. In around an hour, I showed up at a perspective from where the whole trek on a mud street starts.

The fragile slopes after a short time offer a way to a progressively outrageous harsh domain, and walking relentlessly got difficult. Also, the idea that I had put some separation between trekking for quite a while didn’t help things each. Incidentally, a social affair of youths was trekking along and was idly going with me, and from time to time consoling me to make it to the top (as a result of them). 

Around a vast segment of a-kilometer before showing up at the top, I ran over a little shola timberland, which was the most troubling of the whole stretch to cross. The large and turning establishments of the trees overwhelmed the climbing way and went about as steps on which one needed to move to push ahead. 

Close by Spots To Visit 

Kabbe Slopes 


Chelavara Falls 

Igguthappa Sanctuary 

Naked Royal residence 

The drop was viewed as all the more debilitating on my feet and knees, yet I kept walking. After a short time, I got my apparatus from the guardian’s quarters and showed up at the point of view from where the mud way had started. For some odd reason, there was a homestay now, and the director allowed me to set up my asylum on their ground. 

It should be referenced here that the perspective before this homestay is a considerable sight both around evening time and in the early hours of the day. The lights from the towns of Madikeri, Kushal Nagar, and Virajpet are all in all undeniable beginning here around night time, and it is an excellent presentation. So likewise, speedily close to the start of the day, the whole valley is amazingly peddled in layers of mist, which gives an ethereal vibe to it. 

The next morning, I started walking around and showed up at the Aramane or imperial habitation. This is the Nalknad Regal habitation, which is just a stronghold worked by the ruler of Coorg – Chikka Veerarajendra to escape from the ambush of the English. The imperial living arrangement is kept up by the council and has a supervisor who could show me around. 

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