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Six Helpful ways to back up your phone

Backup provides security to your data. In simple words, the backing up procedure includes transferring your data from someone’s phone to his computer. Google account plays a vital role in this regard. Someone cannot only backup content and data settings but also can transfer from his phone to Google account. Moreover, he can restore his crucial information into his original phone or someone’s phone as well. 

This is here important to know that the restoring of data depends on the version of mobile as well due to its offered features. It is not possible to recover data and perform a backup from higher I phone version to lower I phone version and the same case with others as well. Similarly, if someone removes pictures, videos, and files from his mobile, he would have saved data there due to backup opportunities. It will remain in Google photos. Even if you remove your data from Google photos, it will not vanish from your Google drive so you can access that from there. 

1. How to Get Backup 

This is the first category in this regard that you can get your content back on your personal computer or mobile as well. Like, if we are talking that how you can back up your photos and videos, first you need to download and install backup in your computer then sign in to Google with the help of your Google account. In the next step, select all those items (For instance, videos; pictures and other files etc.) which you want to transfer from your mobile to the computer. Similarly, select one folder for backup, in which you wish to transfer the data, then it’s time to choose your upload size also. Now place your cursor at the start option and click it. It is quite easy and feasible, as well. 

2. How to Upload the Item to Google Photos 

First of all, a person needs to open his photos, videos, and you will see the option of upload at the very top of your screen in the right corner. Just click that option. Now search for those photos and select all of them. Additionally, you will see click option on your screen, click it. The same as the dragging of photos is also very easy with the aim to upload them to your Google photos as well. For this purpose, you need to drag photos to a specific album, and photos will transfer there instantly. Assignment Writing Service in London also elaborates its features and process effectively. 

3. Check Where Data is Uploaded From 

Here is a facility in a backup method that you can make aware your self that how this works and where your data has uploaded from to check the resource, due to security concerns. There is a facility in Google photos as well. So can you see your activities that have you uploaded effectively or it’s a failure. Firstly, open those photos which you want to view by clicking on them. You will see there an option with the name info at the very top of your screen at the right side, click that 

option. Then upload it so you can see the actual source of your data. So you would realize that either you get this data from Google drive or any other device. 

4. How to Backup Automatically 

It is essential to protect the data on your mobile. For this purpose, people use different methods to secure it. For instance, they use a pin, a pattern, passwords, screen lock, fingerprint lock, face lock, eye lock, or voice recognition lock. Although personal or professional purpose like in the form of content writing services, everyone wants to secure the data due to security reasons but do not know the procedure, how to do. This paper can help you to do on your own easily. First of all, you need to open your phone setting app. Try to reach your setting apps for efficient backup. When your screen shows the option of the back, just turn on it and see other options as well. Like, back up and reset option. Features can vary according to the version of the device. 

5. How to Backup Manually 

Firstly, open the setting app on your phone then tap on the system. You will see an option with the name backup, click on it. Now, here would be another option naming back up now, just click on it. Then press continue. 

6. How to Reset After Backing up 

If you have excessive data and want to erase it after backup. There are steps to follow. First, open the setting app on your phone. Then tap on the system first then advanced later. Now you will see reset options there, click on it. Then your screen will show erase all data option or factory reset, click on it. In some cases it can ask for your pin, pattern, or password, so put it according to requirement. This process will help you to erase all unwanted internal data from your device. Then restart your device again. To restore the backup data set up your phone. 

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