What Is Configuration Management Strategy

There is little question that it’s become a widely accepted benchmark for best practices within the industry. For a successful technology platform, Configuration management is an important foundation. However, the Microsoft system configuration manager wants to understand what it takes to implement it. the aim of this administrative policy is to spot, monitor and protect products or achievements from unauthorized changes. When constructing a pipeline, there are many options for configuring ASCII text file work. No method can cover all situations.

Configuration Management

This ensures that each one enterprise-owned software and hardware are always known and traceable – any future changes to those assets are known and traceable. you’ll always believe managing the configuration for an updated record of your technology assets, which may be a unique truth. Configuration management may be a part of internal control. Without it, the promoter has little or no control over the products they produce: for instance, what their status is, where they’re within the production process if they will be changed, which is that the latest version.

There are many steps to the configuration management process:


The configuration management plan should describe the precise system and therefore the extent of its use over the life cycle. Settings must even be conversant in the tasks and tasks involved in completing configuration management. Configuration management must be organized during a cost-effective, unexpected and comprehensive manner.


 It’s mainly for confirming that setting is saved while the setting is in progress . a crucial angle is that the ability to differentiate the interaction between the mounting elements. this is often the essential data for the review and evaluation phases of the change management process.


This allows you to watch the present state of the configuration, allowing you to spot the configuration elements through their development and functionality.

Configuration Strategy

When constructing a pipeline, there are many options for configuring ASCII text file work. No strategy covers all circumstances. the most important mistake of a project manager who is completed with 70 742 certifications is to start out planning before devising a technique for delivering the simplest product to the ultimate product. There are four main methods to think about and develop, and one about version control and alter is configuration management policies.

When defining product data for every product, the characteristics and quality criteria for every product are determined. Creating a product flow chart shows the connection and order during which each product is made. For specific products, installation information file would be created. Currently, only items for administrative products are available. This information is vital at the very best administrative level required by management policy. Initial configuration information was created for this feature.

Separate Storage

It’s the smallest amount of complicated things that would work. this is often accepted by default altogether our models unless we’ve specific incentives for a special methodology. This includes using one Git archive for every database. the subsequent basic changes are crucial, easy to run, copy of the database is simply drag with archiving cloning, and configuration information is straightforward to know. this is often the default assumption that’s assumed altogether our examples unless we’ve specified a selected reason for selecting a specific method. this suggests that just one Get repository is employed for every platform. Tracking major changes is straightforward, getting started is straightforward, duplicating bases is simply a matter of cloning a snapshot and installation files are hard to know. This principle is employed within the Ops setup guide and therefore the current Ops Manager upgrade guide. this is often also the principle of the Pivotal Applications Service reference guide.

Multiple Bases

Many organizations can use one Git communication source, but they need many elements that are pooled from a selected VAR directory, credit unit, Git directory, and so on. this system is essentially an equivalent as one shot of each of the bases described above, and again the components are stacked from external sources. Different sources are often stacked in several ways. for instance, it is often stacked in another dedicated space for storing, within the root directory of installation permissions, or maybe in piles of key documents that were found during installation. This rule can reduce the quantity of total installation data and archive settings and resource flow during playback (since important settings are taken from one axis source). In both cases, there’s more effort to manage the setup and internal information we’ve.

Configuration Control

Sometimes it’s easier to know an idea by understanding its antibodies. Let’s look further. For implements features, a developer installs software and uses code. If things go awry, this developer will probably inform the team and manager of their plans to return back for cleaning later – this is often just a presentation and can be written during a new place soon. But then the deadline and task will start copy and therefore the installation steps are going to be overwritten when the script is first pressed down. it’s several years before this is often known and new developer hands over the project. These developers are now doing the work and trying to work out what happened. it’s likely that they are doing not even touch the server settings. Who knows what he would do!

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